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Scholastica Ngo Swem

This website is devoted to my books. I want it to be useful to adults, married couples and families in general. A place where you can find information about all my novels and where i can upload Questions you mail to me and my responses where applicable. You also find the Comments Section there in. I hope you’ll enjoy this website and that it will be of imense benefit to you all. Thanks for visiting.

Books Preview

Be Yourself

The true story of strong and very principled men and women who kept on moving despite all odds and maintained their intergrity.

The poetic description of this book explains what the world looks like, and how it has impacted positively and negatively to this people and how they are courageous to stand the test of time


Aftermath Guilt

This book is about a true life story that talks about contemporary issues of life. the book seeks to teach about some of the family values, regrets and solutions to keep the family together


Village Web

Zaka's misfortune gave him a life time experience that he would not forget in a hurry.

The story featured in this book talks about what happens in some of our African rural settings which is viewed on a mountain cliff, picturing most of the details arround the enviroment.


The Biological Father

Mordernization brought a lot of good though it destroyed our culture. It also paved way to our distinct behavioural attitudes.


Twisted Fate

This is a true story about a woman who wrote her Fate inspite of all her short comings. She came from the blues and got married to her friend's husband a few days to their wedding. She is a very bad companion to her friends and a terrible adviser...


Dependable Grace

As human beings we need to realise that we must depend on God's grace therefore, we should put our trust in him because we are helpless without his grace and can do nothing.